When filtering data on the Rebilly platform, you have the option to filter for Relative or Absolute time periods. Relative time filters is a powerful tool that allows you to organically search for time periods without selecting dates from a calendar or manually entering specific times/dates. 

Relative time filters allow you to filter data relative to: 

  • Years 
  • Months 
  • Fortnights
  • Weeks 
  • Days 
  • Minutes 
  • Seconds 

Use relative time indicators to set your parameters: 

  • Ago 
  • This 
  • Next
  • Last
  • Previous 
  • Following 

A full list of acceptable entries and syntax can be found here

To set a relative time filter: 

  1. Click on the Customers, Transactions or Invoices icon from the side menu bar.
  2. Click on the Filter icon. 
  3. Select a time based attribute such as Created time or Activation time and select ‘is relative’. 
  4. Type your relative starting and ending times into the space provided. 
  5. Click ‘Apply Filter’. 


To search for all customers created in the last 12 hours, enter: 

To search for all approved transactions processed between the first Tuesday of July 2019 and the First Tuesday of August 2019, enter: 

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