Your Organization & Website Are Set-Up Automatically

When you first sign up to Rebilly, your organization and website will be automatically created with the details you submitted on your sign-up form.  

You can always edit or delete your organization details later by clicking on Settings, then on Organizations & Websites. Select your organization name, go to the Organization Info section click the Edit button. 

To edit your website information, click on the organization name, then go under the “Websites” section and click the “...” button.  

One Rebilly Account vs. Multiple Rebilly Accounts

Rebilly supports having multiple organizations from within a single account. This may or may not be necessary for your particular business. Some organizations have multiple entities, or organizations within their larger organization. This is common with multinational enterprises. However, there are many other business reasons for having multiple entities.

If you have multiple entities, you can choose to use a single Rebilly account, or create a separate Rebilly account for each organization. There are pros and cons to each choice, and the correct choice will depend on your specific facts and circumstances. For example, if you are managing two completely separate and unrelated businesses (with different ownership, different employees and support agents, different customers, etc.), then you should likely use multiple Rebilly accounts.

However, if you frequently roll-up the performance of your organizations, if they have the same ownership, if they have the same employee or customer-base, then it may be a good candidate for creating multiple organizations within a single account.

Create Another Rebilly Account

Your email address is associated with a Rebilly Account. To create another Rebilly Account, you’ll need to use a different email address.

Create Another Organization

You can create another organization by going into Settings → Organizations & Websites → Add Organization. 

You will be asked to enter some information about the new organization such as:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization ID to uniquely identify the website
  • Organization’s address, phone number, and email address 
  • Tax Descriptor
  • Invoice Time Zone

You can also add a logo for this organization to use in official documents like invoices generated by Rebilly. We allow the following file extensions: png, jpg, jpeg and recommended a logo size of 200x200px.


Similar to a store, a website is a place where a merchant (you) obtains a customer via a subscription. A website typically determines the processor account and billing descriptor used for payment transactions. 

When you first create your Rebilly account, you will be asked to enter your website information by default. Each website is linked to a specific organization. 

If you want to create additional websites, go into Settings → Organizations → Select your organization → Add Website.

You will be asked to enter some information about this new website such as:
Website Name

  • WebsiteID to uniquely identify the website
  • Domain
  • Customer Service Phone and Email

Then click on “Save Website”. You can always edit or delete your website later by clicking on the organization name, then go under the “Websites” section and click the “...” button.


Customers can be shared amongst multiple organizations within a single account. The customers are not directly related to any organization. If your customers are related to a specific organization, it’s an indicator you may wish to use a separate Rebilly account. However, it’s just one of multiple indicators, and if the other indicators are false, you may wish to add a Custom Field to the Customer resource to hold the OrganizationId.

Invoices, Subscriptions, & Payments

Invoices (and Orders which also create Invoices and Transactions) are associated with a single organization. This is always a configuration when creating the invoice, subscription, or payment.

Gateway Accounts

A gateway account can be associated only with a single organization. This is a high-level configuration to ensure transactions aren’t processed by the incorrect gateway account for an organization.

Need help? 

If you have any questions or need assistance with implementing Rebilly, please contact us. You can email us at, chat with us or schedule a talk with a billing specialist here.

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