Rebilly uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or standard time as its default interface time zone. However, over 100 time zones and their known aliases are supported.

What Is a Time Zone?

A time zone is a geographical region of the world that shares the same local standard time. The local time is an offset of the UTC time, or standard time, by a few hours. These offsets are represented as either UTC+ or UTC- and a number of hours and minutes. For example, a time zone ahead of the standard time by four hours would be described as UTC+04:00 and another one behind the standard time by 7 hours would be written as UTC-07:00.

Some time zones are fractional and can be separated from their neighboring time zones by only 30 or 45 minutes. For example UTC+05:45 (Asia/Kathmandu) is 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of the standard time.

The standardized list of time zones can change over time as countries decide to switch to different ones for political or practical reasons. Rebilly will update its internal database based on the changes to the list of time zones maintained by the IANA. The current version of this list is 2017.

Selecting Your Preferred Time Zone

You can pick from all the available time zones in your User profile. Simply hover on the avatar with your initials and click on your Username, then go to the “Currency and Time Zone” section. The change will be immediate and all dates and time in the interface will be updated according to your selection.

Select your time zone from the list by either typing the desired country, city or geographical region, or scrolling through the available options.

The known abbreviations for the current time zone will be displayed under your selection. For example:

 Pacific/Midway is also known as these abbreviations: LMT, NST, BST, SST.

Finding the Right Time Zone

There are a lot of time zones in the world and finding the right one can be difficult without some tips or prior knowledge. All the options available are sorted from the most negative UTC offset to the most positive one. You can type in the time zones field to find the closest match to your query.

Major cities, regions, countries and continents are categorized together which allows for easier browsing. For example typing “Europe” in the list will return you all time zones that are defined as being part of Europe, and typing “Canada” will list those within that country.

Some options are duplicates under different names and function the same except for semantics. For example “US/Eastern” is the same as “Canada/Eastern”.

Is Daylight Saving Time (DST) Supported?

Rebilly will reflect the changes introduced by DST if your currently selected time zone requires it automatically without need of your input. DST is also applied to the offset displayed for all options available.

How Do I Go Back to UTC?

If you selected a time zone by error and want to go back to UTC, you can click on the list of time zones and type “universal” or “UTC” to find a matching UTC+00:00 option. Alternatively, you can reset your preferences back to their default value to achieve the same result.

Need help? 

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