In this article, we will explore how to work with grids in your Rebilly account.

Example Customers Grid

Sorting Columns in Grids

Your grid items list is organized from newest to oldest, with the most recent at the top. By clicking twice the column headings in a grid you can sort their content:

Click the column heading another time to reverse the sort order.

Add Columns to a Grid

Each grid has more available columns to be displayed. By default, we don't show all the possible columns a grid could have, simply because there are so many.

To add or remove columns you will need to do the following

  1. Click on the III button in the left button corner of any grid.

2. A new window will appear. Here you can manage your columns by using the checkboxes to add or remove columns from your grid view. If needed, you can use the search input to find a specific column.

Revert to Default Grid Content

If you want to return the grid to its default state meaning: default column set and order, then click the "Revert To Default" link in the edit columns window.


Grids will show 20 items at a time. Since it's common to have grids that surpass that number, you can use pagination at the bottom right corner of the grid to cycle through them. 

Filter & Search a Grid

If you have a large number of items in your grid, you'll need to know how to sort, search, and filter them to make the grid easier to manage. You can use filters to change which items in a grid are displayed. 

Using the Filters

By default, all your grids are displayed from the newest to oldest items. You can filter out items and change which ones are displayed by applying filters to your grids.

Filters are unique per grid, they will vary depending on the grid you are working with.

To filter items you will need to:

  1. From any grid, click on "Select Filter".

2. From the drop-down menu, select the filter. You can use the search in the drop-down to find your filter more easily.

3. Select the filter and apply the conditions that you want.

4. Repeat these steps to add multiple filters, if you'd like.

The grid will show the items that match your filters. You can use the grid pagination if there are multiple pages of results.

The gray label below the search box summarizes all the filters you've placed on your grid. Click the x to remove that filter:

If you plan on using the same selection of filters often, click on the “Save Filter” button and give your custom search a name. Your new custom search will appear at the top, next to the recent grid. 

What’s next? 

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