As an administrator, you can create individual credentials that other team members can use to log in into the app. After the new account is created, you can configure an exact set of permissions and control what the new team member can access.

This gives you the power to tailor the experience for each of your teammates, giving you full control of your operations.

Navigate to Settings > Users to add/delete and modify users of your Rebilly account.

Invite a Team Member

You can add new users to your Rebilly account depending on your plan. An email will be sent to the new teammate to set-up the app credentials. You can check the status of the invitation to the User Management grid.

Click the “Add User” button and fill out the form.

Note: Please invite new users from the Live Environment of the application. 

Set User Permissions

You will be asked to select the role(s) for the user. There are several reasons to restrict access, and they will depend on the role your teammate is filling. For example 

  • Administrator has full access and can invite new users.
  • Customer Service can access the pages inside of “Lists” in the left navigation.
  • Developer can access the pages inside of “Developer” in the left navigation.
  • Reports Analyst can access the pages inside of “Reports” in the left navigation.
  • Settings Manager can access the pages inside of “Settings” in the left navigation.

You can set permissions to your teammates to limit what sections of the app they can access, helping them focus on their task and keep your data secure.

More granular permissions are available through the API using JSON web tokens (JWT). Rebilly will make these available to the user interface in a future release.

Resend Invitation

If an invitation needs to be resent to the teammate, just click on “Resend” under confirm email in the user management grid.

Update a User’s Information

It is easy to update any team member’s information or permissions for an administrator. Simply click on the edit button in the grid.

Delete a User

As an administrator, you can delete a team member by clicking the remove icon in the grid.

Need help? 

If you have any questions or need assistance with implementing Rebilly, please contact us. You can email us at, chat with us or schedule a talk with a billing specialist here.

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