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Let's get you started! We've created this getting started guide to efficiently cover the basics so that you can begin accepting payments from your customers. (Time is money!) P.s. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can start your free trial by clicking here.

In this article we’ll explain the two different environments you can work in, the Sandbox and Live environments, and how to best take advantage of each.

Sandbox vs. Live Environment

We offer two environments —  the Sandbox environment, a virtual sandbox where you can play around without having to worry about messing up your real-life numbers, and the Live environment — where you can configure your real business information and start earning actual, real money.

Important Tip:  These environments share nothing except your login/password.

How to Switch Environment

When you first log in to your new account you will be in the “Live Environment.  To switch between the Live and Sandbox environments, hover your cursor over your account pictures and click on the option “Switch to Sandbox/Live Environment”. Because these are totally separate environments, you will be required to log in again when you switch.

The Live Environment

The Live environment is good for every user who wants to have a functional and working payment solution right away. However, proceed with caution: all of the changes you make here are real and can affect your business. After completing the steps outlined below, you will be able to accept real payments. 

Go Live Checklist

In order for you to start accepting real payments, you will (at a minimum) need to do the following things in the Live Environment:

  1. Connect a payment gateway
  2. Create at least one product
  3. Create at least one plan
  4. Create or connect a checkout page

Click here to read the full guide on how to start accepting payments.

Don’t forget to save your settings along the way and test, test, test! Verify that all your gateway, product, and checkout page configuration settings have been set up correctly. If you need any help, simply write to us via chat or email us at support@rebilly.com.

The Sandbox Environment

Want to test out Rebilly without fear that you’ll break everything? The Sandbox is for you. It’s a playground for testing Rebilly configurations. Real payment cards cannot be used in the Sandbox environment. Therefore, it’s a risk-free and stress-free environment to test out Rebilly.  You can easily modify your settings or even wipe the whole account if you’d like.

The Environment for Testing 

It’s a great environment for developers because you can test without any consequences. You can simulate real-life situations such as cancellations, refunds, declined transactions, etc. It allows you to test all possible billing scenarios without risks. 

Click here to read the full getting started guide - just follow the same steps in the Sandbox, not the Live environment.

Test Gateway and Cards

To get you started, we’ve already set you up with our testing gateway “Rebilly Processor” as your sandbox payment gateway. When using “Rebilly Processor”, all of the payment information will not be sent to any 3rd parties. You can also test payment cards and even certain transaction responses with dummy cards in the Sandbox. Click here to learn more about testing cards in Rebilly.

Play around with it to understand how Rebilly works. Once you are comfortable with using Rebilly in the Sandbox, recreate your site in the Live environment. If you’d like, we can help you migrate your settings from the Sandbox to the Live environment. Contact us via chat or reach out to support@rebilly.com and we will be in touch.

How to Tell What Environment You’re In

Not only is there a message that lets you know when you’re in the sandbox, but you’ll also notice that the URLs of the apps are different depending on the environment: app.rebilly.com (for the live environment) and app-sandbox.rebilly.com (for the sandbox environment).

Need help? 

If you have any questions or need assistance with implementing Rebilly, please contact us. You can email us at support@rebilly.com, chat with us or schedule a talk with a billing specialist here.

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