Rebilly allows each user to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on their account for added security via the use of their smart device (phone, tablet, ipod, etc.) and the Google Authenticator app. Once enabled, you will have to provide an extra 6-digit PIN at each login.

Do I Need Two Factor Authentication?

Two factor authentication is an optional feature that adds an extra step to your login to double check that your identity is legitimate. It will make it more difficult for cyber criminals to breach your account if your password was to be leaked online or fished via social engineering. An attack on your account would require both your password and your smart device to succeed. The only downside to the added security is the added need to have your device each time you login and generate a 6-digit PIN.


Before you enable 2FA on your account you must own a smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) and install Google Authenticator on it. The app is available for Android (Google Play), iOS (App Store) and BlackBerry devices. Open your device’s application store, search for Google Authenticator and install it. For more details see Google’s official help document.

How to Set Up Two Factor Authentication

Once your device is ready and the Google Authenticator app is installed (see prerequisites) you can turn on 2FA in your profile page.

Warning! If you enable 2FA on your account but do not complete the setup on the Google Authenticator app you will be locked out of your account. Please contact us if you cannot access your account.

Enabling 2FA:

Once you click 'Enable 2FA' your secret key and QR code will be displayed. Use the Google Authenticator app on your smart phone to scan the code, or manually enter the secret key. This will generate a 6 digit code that you will then enter to enable 2FA. 

Login With Two Factor Authentication Enabled

If 2FA is enabled on your account you will be prompted with one extra step each time you login after you enter your email address and password. Open the Google Authenticator app on your device and enter the 6-digit PIN provided for your account into the “Two-Factor Authentication Token” field in Rebilly and press enter or click “Login”.

Disabling Two Factor Authentication

You can turn off 2FA at any time in your profile by clicking on “Disable 2FA”. Your subsequent logins will no longer require you to provide a PIN.

If you are unable to access your profile because you lost your device or enabled 2FA without completing the setup, please contact support.

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