In Rebilly, you can Automate Payment Retries by creating a rule in our Rules Engine. This can be incredibly helpful to businesses who are strapped on time and have analyzed their payment data to understand when a payment retry might be most successful.

This rule is named as "Schedule Payment Retry" and it is an action of "Payment Declined." Schedule Payment Retry allows you to set multiple retries for subscriptions that fail to bill successfully and define whether to cancel the account after the last attempt. You can even schedule discounts or partial payments.

How To Create a "Schedule Payment Retry" Rule

To create a Schedule Payment Retry via the app, navigate to Settings -> Rules Engine using the left menu, then click on "System Events".

Once that’s done, select the event “Transaction Declined” and click the button “Add Rule.”

Start by adding a rule name and label. For example, you could name it “New Customer Retry Rule” under the label “Automatic Retry Rules.” Once that’s done, go under the “Actions” section and click the “Add Action” button. In the drop-down list, choose “Schedule Payment Retry.” 

You will now see the Schedule Payment Retry panel with its settings. Add an attempt by clicking the "Add Attempt" button. Then, you can select “Sсhedule Type" and set your time and date parameters.

Now, you'll set a “Payment Adjustment." Here, you can set the amount that you would like to try to collect. 

  • Full amount - The full amount of payment owed by your customer.
  • Partial amount - Where you can set a percentage or fixed amount to collect a part of the full amount owed. After collecting a partial payment, you can continue to attempt to collect the rest of the amount owed.
  • Discount amount - Where you can set a percentage or fixed amount, but don't plan to collect the rest of the amount owed as you are discounting the payment for the customer. 
  • If you'd like, you can continue to add attempt patterns by clicking the “+ ADD ATTEMPT” button. 

Useful Information

After Each Attempt

You may want to push the renewal time into the future according to your plan schedule after each retry attempt. Otherwise, the next rebill may occur while you are still within the retry schedule of the current rebill.

After the Last Failed Attempt

If all of the retry attempts fail, you can choose between doing nothing or canceling the subscription.

After you have filled all of the parameters, you can click the “Save Rule” button to save it.

Viewing and Editing Your Scheduled Payment Retry

Your scheduled payment retries are displayed in the row of a list on the Settings->Rules Engine->System Events -> Transaction Declined

Click “RuleName” (your rule name) in the row, and you will see the Scheduled Payment Retry panel.

To edit a Rule (to change the scheduled payment retry), click the edit button. Also, you can clone a rule by clicking the clone button or click the delete button to remove this rule.

Need help? 

If you have any questions or need assistance with implementing Rebilly, please contact us. You can email us at, chat with us or schedule a talk with a billing specialist here.

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