Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is the feature to present to the customer the choice to be billed in the original transaction currency or the customer’s native currency. This would allow you to shift the fees from the currency conversion away from your customer, to provide them a better experience, as well as shift some of the profit from the conversion to you, away from your customer’s bank.

Dynamic currency conversion is both an advanced and a premium feature of Rebilly and comes at additional costs. Please contact your account manager for details.

Configuring DCC

Markup is configured per gateway account in basis points, which are 1/100th of a percent. 250 basis points is the same as 2.50 percent. The available currencies to convert to are determined by the list of currencies associated with the gateway account. You can also configure if any of those currencies should be excluded from presenting a DCC offer.

DCC Offers

A DCC Offer is made when:

  • a gateway account selected for the payment has DCC enabled;
  • and the cardholder’s BIN is associated with a different currency than the payment currency;
  • and the cardholder’s BIN is associated with a currency that is in the list of available currencies for the Gateway Account but not in the DCC excluded currencies list;
  • and it is not a recurring transaction where the cardholder is not present at the device to interact with the offer.

A DCC Offer is presented like:

The markup is calculated from the gateway account configuration and today’s prevailing spot price of the currency.

Payment Flow

A DCC Offer utilizes the suspended payments flow. This flow requires the customer to visit an “approval url” where the DCC Offer is presented.

DCC Offer Completion Outcome

Before a customer completes the selection, the outcome is `unknown`. When a customer completes the selection, the customer may take the suggested currency or retain the original currency, and the outcome is `suggested` or `original`.

DCC in Transactions Grid

DCC information is available if you enable the columns from within the transaction grid.

You can enable the grid fields by toggling the columns you wish to see. The markup is always translated to US Dollars.

DCC Markup Report

There is a report that summarizes DCC Markup, and allows you to review the performance across various dimensions.

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